Sri Lanka is a diverse country, home to many religions, ethnicities and languages. It is the land of the Sinhalese, Sri Lankan Tamils, Moors, Indian Tamils, Burghers, Malays and Kaffirs Research shows that around 70,000 to 80,000 Sri Lankans live in the UK, out of which the majority are highly skilled and educated individuals. Out of the thousands, there are many who have little to no experience of the pleasures of living in Sri Lanka. Therefore, for those who are born and bred here in the UK, or simply moved here a few years ago, Ape Kama Organization is truly a gift. Creating Ape Kama marked the first step of this media journey and there is no doubt that it will ultimately flourish. Apekama Organization is filled with young and talented individuals who take immense pride in being Sri Lankan. As to the team, no matter where we were born, whether it is in the heart of Sri Lanka or another country entirely, the essence of what it means to be Lankan resides within us. Our Sri Lankan pride, culture and heritage will always be engraved in us. No matter what, it is something that will never fade away from our hearts, as it is who and what we are. It is an organization that has come forward to serve this community by creating a platform for Sri Lankans to share their thoughts, feelings and experiences on an International media platform called the Thames Rhythm. The programme presents the opportunity for any individual to broadcast their unique talents, ranging from highly influential medical experts or entrepreneurs to publishing the secrets of making the world’s best pol sumbol! The programme will contain everything from news of the home front to a good discussion on Sri Lankan politics but most importantly, it will be a chance for people to satisfy their curiosity of all things Lankan.

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